Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Jell-o Project: Blue

"Is that Jell-o for tonight?" Ethan asked.

"Yes." I said.

"Did you put anything in it?"


"You mean...?"

"Yes. Plain Jell-o."

After last week's Jell-o disappointment, coupled with the fact that not one of you volunteered to be a new test subject (thanks a lot), I needed a big time Jell-o success. I needed to rally the current test subjects; to regain their trust.

I decided to go with the Berry Blue flavored Jell-o (not blueberry, mind you), because I can't imagine using it for any other Jell-o recipe I might try in the future. Also, the way the blue does not resemble any color one might see in nature made me certain it would be a hit with the test subjects.

And it was a hit.

Isaac ate his Jell-o first and declared it delicious.

Ethan ate his last and gave it a thumbs up, but said the portion size was "a little too much."

Jonah just nodded enthusiastically as he slurped down the last mouthful of blue goodness.

Robert and I abstained from Jell-o tonight.

Next week though, it's back to the weird stuff.


Angela!! said...

Love the plate. Looks great with the Jello. you are so funny. How on earth did you get on this jello kick? Don't reply by saying, "Angela! Didn't you read my blog post from blah blah blah years ago?" you know I'll answer no. Just say it again, preferably over the phone because there's no guarantee I'll revisit your blog to read the answer.

Janice said...

it looks pretty:)

Allyson said...

It reminds me of that character from the movie "Monsters vs. Aliens." Make sure you rent it if you haven't seen it already. There is a character named "Bob" and he is a culinary experiment gone terribly wrong. Scientists were attempting to combine a ranch flavor to a tomato, and created the gelatinous force known as B.O.B. He is totally blue just like your most recent project!

teresa said...

I like blue. I would eat that. But I wouldn't eat it if it had raisins and pecans suspended in it. I'm with your kids on that one.

Samurai Mom said...

Sorry, I thought my request for a 50's jello mold to honor my new home doubled as a Jello voulunteer

a said...

So, the exciting question,,,, okay, I will ask it. Did everyone's poop turn green? Love how blue food does that!