Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I have been in a cranky mood today. My plethora of peeves are like a series of little earthquakes releasing pressure along a California fault line to avoid "the big one." I've tried to spread my complaining around, so as not to overwhelm any one person, all along thinking, if only I had a creative outlet to get this all out in one fell swoop. And then I remembered my blog. Which is public, but no one reads blogs anymore, right?

So I'm sure that I will offend no one by offering the following things that I find tiresome and annoying.

1. Starting a sentence with "that awkward moment when . . . "
2. Referring to ones female offspring as "girl child."
3. People posting pictures of their feet on PDX's iconic ugly carpet on social media.
4. Making the heart sign with your fingers, natch. (I thought this trend would have slipped into the nether by now.)
5. Death knellers on Facebook who seem to love being the first to post celebrity death RIP's.
6. My back hurts
7. Waning laptop battery. (RIP laptop battery)
8. The seemingly overnight increase of real estate in my belly area.
9. Miscommunication.
10. Me overreacting to miscommunication and making my boy child sad.
11. People not calling my cell phone when there is a miscommunication.
12. The Kardashians.
13. Starting the Christmas countdown in August (or anytime before December 15th).
14. Bitstrips
15. Procrastination via means of blog post kvetch session.