Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Saturday Market

We were all on our way downtown to Portland's Saturday Market, a fun, eclectic assortment of handmade crafts, yummy food, and interesting people. Just as we left our neighborhood, I saw something on the side of the road with a sign that said: FREE!

It was a basketball hoop.

Against my will and despite all my efforts to prevent it, summer vacation from school is quickly approaching. I've often thought that a basketball hoop in the backyard would be the answer to so many of my summertime problems. The only problem is that Robert doesn't want just any basketball hoop. He wants a good basketball hoop. And evidently, those cost a lot of money.

As we drove past the free basketball hoop sitting on the side of the road I started chanting: Free, free, free! Go back, go back, go back!

"But it needs a new net." Ethan complained.

"It's FREE!" I said.

"It's probably not a very good one," Robert said.

"It's FREE!" I said.

"We probably will have to get rid of a few people to fit it in the car," Robert said.

"Who cares!" I said.

We did have to get rid of a few people actually. There was no room for anyone in the car except for Robert once we finally got the thing to fit, and he had to sit on the backboard all the way home. Good thing it was only a quarter mile drive.

We also had to remove the back seat, 3 camp chairs, two booster seats, a blanket, one baseball cleat, and two baseball hats. We set up on the side of the road like we were waiting for a parade and watched the confused look of drivers as they went by. And patiently waited for Robert to unload the hoop at home and come back to pick us up.

I'm sure we made quite the spectacle parked on the side of the road trying to get that hoop into our car, but I don't care.

It was FREE!


Pedro Garcia Millan said...
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Emily Laing said...

So fun!

I-Shüan Warr said...

I love that you set the chairs up on the side of the road! So funny! Didn't anyone stop and try to figure out what you were waiting for?

My kids were so excited when they saw Robert driving home with it!

Anna said...

That is so awesome!

Afton said...

I-Shuan, Sara the mail carrier stopped to talk to us. Isn't she great? Although she was delivering mail right around the corner.

Erika said...


Heather said...

That is HILARIOUS! :) Keith's dad has a huge collection of stuff that he has found on the side of the road. I'm sure there's a good word for a person who finds stuff like that that is less insulting than "scavenger." ;)

Sarah said...

Awesome post! :) I loved the picture, too. Just as I imagined it.