Sunday, August 28, 2011

The End

We survived our 25-day family vacation. I can't say the same for thousands of bugs.

Hitting bugs wasn't much of a problem until we came to Idaho. Specifically the road between Pocatello and Boise. Seriously. The bugs were thick. We had to stop every two hours just to clean the windshield. Of course this also coincided with Isaac's incredibly small bladder's urgent need to empty.

It's great to be home. The boys are thrilled to see their friends again. Robert still has several weeks of his sabbatical left and I'm looking forward to working with him on several home projects and maybe even taking a little vacation. Just the two of us.

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Emily said...

Yeah! I have like 3 posts left before I am at "the end". I am so proud that you got out of town for at least some of Robert's sabbatical. I'm sure it's been nice getting reacquainted with your husband. ;)