Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rubio's, I Will Miss You the Very Most

We started the day at Balboa Park with a one hour + botanical tour of palm trees. It was interesting to me, but not to three little boys. So I took them to look at koi in the pond. I could have gone for an architectural tour as the buildings at Balboa Park were stunning. Maybe another day.

We found a science museum in the park and our OMSI pass worked for free entry. The boys had a great time in the hurricane simulation chamber (two dollars) and building structures out of these little planks. I wish we had a couple thousand of these at our house. 

After lunch we headed over to Point Loma and checked out some tide pools and did a little exploring around the cliffs. The boys constantly freaked me out by walking out to the edge of the drop-offs. 

Just a short drive past Point Loma is the Cabrillo National Monument where Jonah and Isaac became Junior Rangers for the third time. So this Cabrillo guy "discovered" California. Later he died from either a broken arm or broken leg in New Spain. Or something like that.

The view from the National Monument was pretty great, but would have been better with out the fog obscuring the mountains. Still, we could kind of see Mexico.

We headed back to Old Town to tour the Whaley House.  It's the most haunted house in North America. Only Ethan and I were brave enough to try the tour. It was interesting and creepy as the guide shared lots of details about people who died at the house. Evidently the house is also haunted by people who didn't die a the house. 

Neither Ethan or I saw any ghosts on our tour, but there is a Facebook page where visitors post photos of ghosts they've taken. Most of the ghosts are simply "orbs" which are paranormal spots on the camera lens. At least that's what they look like to me.

Finally, we had dinner at Rubio's. I will miss Rubio's when we leave San Diego. In this picture, Ethan shows us his forehead tan line and his tongue while at Rubio's.


Angela Taylor said...

Ethans tan line is awesome, that totally makes me laugh! We love Rubios, they have some of the best fast food fish tacos.

Heather said...

Interesting--in the structures at the science museum, there is a noticeable difference between Jonah's and Robert's... :) Looks like lots of fun!