Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Alma Mater

Monday we hit up BYU and took one of those golf cart tours around campus with the kids. I always wondered who got to take those tours, and now I know. There were several fun revelations in the alumni house. One was this portrait of my namesake. Another was seeing a former friend in a video presentation about the work BYU is doing with the Didymus Papyrus

We had lunch at the Cougar Eat, but alas, there is no more BYU Food Services there and no more Taco Salads. Instead, the boys got some Taco Bell and Robert and I shared a chicken teriyaki rice bowl. Later we hit the candy counter, then went downstairs to the bowling alley. Several years back Ethan was trés impressed with the fact that BYU had it's very own bowling alley. He declared then and there that BYU was the school for him.

We didn't bowl, but we did see this old pin on sale for $3. I thought it was cool, but would the boys?

Yes! They would! They each wanted to take turns carrying it around campus. When we got back to Rick and Betsy's house, Jonah cut up little pieces of paper to make the bowling pin a hat, bow tie, sheriff's badge and arms.

We headed over to Cougar Stadium, I mean, Lavell Edwards Stadium to see if we could get a peek inside. Jonah was serious about the authenticity of this photo and insisted on putting his hand on this lava hot cougar statue. Even Robert kept a one inch distance from the surface.

Good luck! The stadium was open, so we walked in and sat down on this lava hot blue seats and pretended to be watching a game. BYU won, of course.

Hopefully the boys had a great time at BYU and will work hard in school so they can be students here one day if they want. As for me, coming back to BYU just made me feel old and a little depressed. Mostly because I realize I could have taken advantage of so much more the school had to offer while I was a student. Sigh.

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Angela! said...

okay, i seriously didn't recognize robert in his vacay wear. Clearly he's loosened up or his other clothes are just dirty. He looks happy, relaxed and younger!

Is that really the Afton you were named after?