Friday, August 12, 2011

Disney Day Two

We spent Wednesday at California Adventure. And yes, we were matchy-matchy. I felt like a dork, but it sure made it easy to spot the kids when we got separated. 

This is not a picture of Midway Mania

Midway Mania, the Toy Story ride, was by far my favorite. I wish I could have gone on it 4 times in a row, but the line took 40 minutes or longer. That's a lot of standing. And do you know what my boys do when they stand in line? They wrestle each other. It's true. They can't keep their hands off each other and before you know it they have each other in headlocks. Good times.

We headed back to Disneyland for a few hours and the boys found the Penny Arcade. It's not really an arcade like we know them today. Instead of video games, it has four or five hand crank, short movie players. For one penny, you can watch a 30-60 second movie (depending on how fast you use that hand crank.) The kids were literally laughing out loud as they turned the crank and looked through the viewfinder at the old-time, black and white shows. What a bargain.

Later, we went back to California Adventure to watch The World of Color show. The above picture was not part of The World of Color show, but I thought it looked pretty cool.

This picture was part of The World of Color show. It was a really cool production and this was one of the calmer moments in the show. 

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I-Shüan Warr said...

I LOVE the Toy Story Mania ride too! There's a Wii game like it but it's not quite as fun as spinning around in those cars.