Monday, August 8, 2011


Sunday we left Angela's house to head to Southern California. This was the face Jonah and Isaac made as we got ready to drive away. They were pretty sad and for the first 100 miles asked repeatedly when we'd next be able to see their cousins. (No, Jonah is not wearing European man-capris. These are the pants that were too long for him one year ago. He refuses to let me make them into cut-offs, even though the cuff got eaten up by a bike chain and is in shreds.)

These are the faces Jonah and I made going down the first drop in the Atlantis boat ride at SeaWorld this morning. Looking back now, I wonder if I should take Jonah on any more of these kinds of exciting rides. I mean, look at that face! He's clearly terrified. Ethan and Isaac sat in front of us and you can see from Isaac's face he was completely unfazed. Bored even. They wanted $20 for a copy of this picture.

The boys faces showed awe at the rays and sharks that swam by in this walk-through exhibit.

Our faces are wet but happy after the Orca show at SeaWorld. It was our third and final show of the day and at the first two shows we'd been relegated to the nosebleed section and had a hard time seeing or enjoying anything. So for the Orca show, I arrived 45 minutes early with Jonah, Isaac and two churros. Robert and Ethan joined us right before the show started. We sat in the fourth row, solidly in the "soak zone."

I believe Ethan is making a yawning face here. Is he saying that having giant whales soak you with water is boring? Probably. He is a teenager after all.

We finished our day with fish tacos at Rubios in San Diego (or was it La Jolla?) This was the original Rubios location that introduced fish tacos to Southern California. I don't have a picture of my face, but you'll just have to trust me when I say I was quite happy with the meal.

And now we are snug in our hotel in Anaheim and ready to play hard for the next three days. Wish me luck.


Erika said...

Just have to say "hi" Afton--it's been a while! Sounds like you are on quite the fun trip. Have a blast!! Ü

Angela said...

My kids are still crying.