Saturday, August 20, 2011

In Which Change Does Not Equal Rest

Some doofus once said that a change is as good as a rest. For the last three weeks we've been living out of duffel bags, off of happy meals, and sleeping in six different places. Tomorrow we are onto place number seven. It's been nothing but change, change, change and I'm exhausted.

But, it's a good exhaustion. Sort of. We've seen amazing and things, been to exciting places, and spent way too many hours with each other in the car and so far, survived. See? That's good, right?

Today we slept in and the boys played way too many hours on their DS's and watched too much Sponge Bob. We convinced them to take a break to go bowling (two games--Isaac won the second with 80 points!) and then swimming. Afterwards, we all went out to dinner at Marv's or Vern's, or something like that. It was a 50's inspired burger joint with lots of Elvis music and delicious fries. And fry sauce--a Utah creation I can very much get behind.

So we are doing laundry and packing and getting ready to say goodbye to Grammy and Poppy for a while. It's been fun. And hot. But mostly fun.

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Angela! said...

Your boys are adorable. They get cuter and cuter with each picture. What they need now is a picture of them jumping into a brand new swimming pool. can we make that happen?