Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nintendo Cousins

When you only see your cousins every three or four years you might find that it takes a while to reacquaint yourselves. Unless you have a Nintendo DS. Then all barriers come down. Everyone is on common ground. 

Somehow, Ethan always has someone willing to watch him play

And just to be clear, these are the three boys who sat in the car for seven hours today, playing their DS's and watching videos. And here they are, still sitting and still watching the wretched screen. I think I'm raising a bunch of zombies. Or if they aren't zombies now, they will be soon.

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Debbie said...

That is amazing that after a long car ride they still want to play. However, I remember once driving to Montana from Portland and after 11 hours we just had a few minutes of the audio book left (even after driving slower towards the end) so we drove around town a little bit before we got to my sister-in-laws. We were cracking up that we wanted to spend more time in the car but the book was THAT good! So their game must be THAT good! :)