Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jumping and GG

The kids got out some of their energy at this trampoline/inflatable place. I believe it was called Antigravity, or something like that. They had a great time jumping around for an hour, but Ethan could have jumped for an hour more and was not ready to leave.

After lunch at Jimmy John's--yum--we went to visit GG. We had a short visit and the boys got to play her electric organ and try to solve her Rubik's Cube. Jonah exclaimed, "I could stay here all day!"

After dinner we all went over to swim at the neighborhood pool. It was over 100 degrees until the sun went down and the water felt so good. It's 10:30 pm now and has cooled to 82.

I'm going to join Robert outside to look at the stars and maybe see some lightning. 


Natalie said...

I love Jimmy Johns! And we don't have it here. We got addicted when we lived in Illinois.

Allyson said...

What fun! GG looks happy to be around her great-grand kids.

Senia said...

Rubik's cubes and elderly folk go together like Christmas and fudge. You simply can't have one without the other!

Along with Raspberry Pretzel Dessert and hot dishes, people 'round these parts like themselves some Jimmy John's.