Friday, October 31, 2008

Treat Night

My favorite part of Halloween, other than when it's over, is when the kids all leave with Robert to go trick or treating and I stay home to hand out candy. That's what I'm doing right now and so far it's a very slow night. That gives me the perfect opportunity to blog a bit.

We bought Ethan's costume today, last minute, at Party City. He really wanted Bleeding Face Zombie or Blood Splattered Zombie Doctor, or Recently Unearthed Skeletal Remains Zombie, but I insisted on a costume that wasn't bloody and didn't have a gory mask covering his whole face. I think the Ninja costume was a nice compromise. Ethan feels a little dangerous and scary, and he's not pretending to have an open chest wound.

It's 17 minutes into Trick or Treating 2008 and Ethan has returned home to dump his full bag of candy to make room for more.

Jonah returned to say it was hard to see through his costume, took it off, and tried to go back out dressed in his regular clothes.

I'm currently holding back the Smarties until the last possible minutes of the night. Maybe I'll turn the porch lights off with a few Smarties left for me. Next year I'm buying only bad candy that I won't be tempted to Dum Dum lollipops.


Tara said...

Hey, I got to stay home and pass out candy and blog a bit too. And my Ethan has been wanting gory costumes for the last few years, even tried picking the exact ones you mention last year. I feel similarly about it.
I thought the screw in the head he chose this year was a nice compromise of having the bloody scene without the evil undertones. Good luck with that in the future. I don't think it's going away soon!

Heather said...

Those costumes turned out great! :) Nice work. How'd you end up on the Smarties?

Afton said...

I ended up with 5 rolls of Smarties which I gobbled down this morning.

Heidi P said...

Hey- I totally agree with the dum dum thing. All we bought was chocolate and that is all I have eaten in the past 24 hours...Love the costumes!! Harry Potter is a good trade for something bloody and scary!! :) Cute kiddos!

Betty Grace said...

Those are great costumes. I love the sheet ghost. Classic!

Erika and Ryan said...

Boy am I glad Halloween is over! I way overdosed on treats and am in the process of doing some major detoxing!! I love your boys' costumes, especially the cute Harry Potter-adorable!