Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seaside Revisited

Here, in no particular order, are some more pictures from our Super Sweet Sister's Seaside Weekend. I bet you didn't realize the huge risk we took by putting ourselves in a tsunami zone. Just one of the small sacrifices we moms make to ensure that family scrapbooks are up to date and so darling.

This is a plate of sushi we enjoyed at Tora Sushi Lounge at the corner of Holiday and Broadway. I thought it was as fancy as anything I've ever seen and tasty to boot. Angela said this presentation was quite plain compared to the super fancy sushi she's had. (Well la-tee-da!) I loved it all, but eel is probably not something I will chew on again.

Thank you to the indulgent Tora Sushi Lounge server who snapped our picture, but evidently she does not know about the "zoom" feature. (That's us, I promise!)

This is the selection of taffy at The Buzz on Broadway. You get to sample a free piece each time you come in, and we came in a lot. (Oh, that reminds me...I still have some fudge left!) While it's nice to have a giant selection of taffy, I have to admit, most if it tastes the exactly the same.

And check out this lovely lady. I couldn't resist snapping a picture of the mosaic mannequin with the plastic shopping bag skirt in one of the boutiques we browsed in. So trendy, but plastic skirts will probably be out of style by spring (sad).

These bird houses were perched on the side of highway 26, probably about 20 miles from highway 101. There was a lock box for money if you wanted to take one. I think they were $15 each. (Does anyone remember?) So cute, so rustic, but those tin roofs will slice your finger right open if you are not careful. We did not buy one on this trip. Maybe next time.

And finally, the enduring symbol of Seaside: The broken sand dollar. Because who ever found a whole sand dollar on the beach at Seaside? OK, I found one once, but I had to look a long time and then I think it broke right after I got it home and made a big mess in the house. So, my advice: take a picture--it'll last longer.


I-Shüan Warr said...

I love that plastic bag skirt! Of course it was invented in Oregon! Was it for sale or was there a pattern for it or was it just one of those weird things?

Afton said...

I don't know if it was for sale. I didn't even look. I was so intrigued by the skirt. My sisters were offended that I was taking pictures, so I was trying to be discreet and not embarrass them.

Angela Hunter said...

Well we got in trouble at that other store for even ASKING to take a picture. You may as well have asked her if you could burn down her store.

These are great pics. I wish we were still there.

I can't believe you still have fudge. You only got 2 pieces! I got 6 pieces and mine was gone two days ago.

Allyson said...

Great pictures! I'm still enjoying my fudge too, but I can't find the cute kinfe that came with it :(