Friday, October 24, 2008

Pushing Uncrustables

Several years ago I signed up at to receive products to test and share. The idea is to create a buzz and share information by word of mouth. All of this sharing is done above board. I tell people I get items to try and that I'm supposed to tell people about products I love--it's all on the up and up.

I won't try to impress you with some of the fun products I've been able to try but I will tell you my current "Bzz Product" is Smucker's Uncrustable peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

I have no problem feeding my kids peanut butter sandwiches I buy from the grocery's freezer section, other than the price. A four-pack usually goes for over $3. When I consider the price per sandwich, and that I could make the same sandwich for pennies (I have a Pampered Chef Cut-n-Seal) Smucker's Uncrustables fall into the luxury category.

Every once in a while, if I see a sale, I will pick up a box or two and enjoy a couple days of easy school lunches. Other than that, I make my own PB&J.

When I joined the Smucker's Uncrsutables Bzz Campaign, I received a book of coupons. One was for a free box of Uncrustables (for me) and the rest were 75 cents-off coupons. Believe me, I wanted to use every single one of those coupons myself, but realized that as Bzz agent, part of my job is to "share," so I formulated my plan.

Yesterday morning I saw my kids off at the bus stop, then asked the other moms if they'd like to try Smucker's Uncrustables with a 75 cents-off coupon. Fred Meyer currently has Uncrustables selling at $2.50 a box, which would make one box of Uncrustables $1.75. That's a pretty darn good deal.


You would have thought I was pushing crack with some of the responses I got. Several moms shook their heads and walked away quickly. One said she didn't let her kids have high fructose corn syrup. Another said she didn't let her kids eat white bread. I explained that Smuckers has a Peanut Butter and HONEY sandwich on brown bread, but she didn't seem impressed.

Several moms did actually take coupons, but I think they thought I was weird.

I felt like I needed to explain. I grind my own wheat and can home made applesauce! I feed my kids fresh fruit and vegetables at every meal (except pizza night) and we don't drink any juice with high fructose corn syrup. It's just nice to have a little convenience item that makes my life a tiny bit easier every once in a while. Is that so wrong?

I took my remaining coupons to Fred Meyer and bought 4 boxes of Uncrustables. Maybe the other mom's kids have healthier lunches, but I bet those kids totally covet my kid's lunches.


Emily Laing said...

Laughing uncontrollably at your situation. That is just too funny! You know they all probably went home and drank a diet coke with nutrasweet and I bet not one of them grinds their own wheat! Only in Oregon my friend!

Holtbuster said...

i love the high fructose corn syrup thing b/c now there's a commercial about that.. have you seen it? hilarious! i didn't think people freaked about that specifically!

Erika and Ryan said...

No one should feel guilty for giving their kids foods like uncrustables. Just this morning I made my kids Eggo waffles for breakfast (the nutri-grain low-fat ones) and I think it's wonderful to have convenient foods like that to occasionally feed our children. I just need a break sometimes, and pre-packaged foods can be a lifesaver.

Heather said...

That is hilarious. I love that your post leads up to the bus-stop selling point. :) Haha. Great! I think time-savers are definitely a good thing, especially when a person has 3 young boys. Also, do you REALLY grind your own wheat?? That is very amazing.

Afton said...

Yes, Heather, I do grind my own wheat from time to time. I don't use whole wheat exclusively. Mostly I use half whole wheat and half white (from the store) when I bake. I just grind a little at a time and keep the left over in the freezer so it will stay fresh.