Thursday, October 30, 2008

It Made a Big Mess

Hey! Look at my attempt at a festive Halloween display. Whatever you do, don't compare it to this one, or this one, and most definitely not this one.

I probably would not have let my kids attempt these haunted candy houses were it not for my creative neighbor I-Shüan and her great ideas. In fact, the title of this post came from my kids who asked me to take pictures of their haunted houses for my blog and told me to make sure I mentioned that "it made a big mess."



Heather said...

I think they look great! :) Happy Halloween--enjoy those smarties, tootsie rolls, etc.

Erika and Ryan said...

Those are awesome! Did you use graham crackers? We do those every year for Christmas, and we always make a big mess too. I've never thought to them for Halloween!

Oh, and that's interesting that you like smarties! I'm a chocolate girl myself. But I've been on such a sugar high the last couple of days that I'm totally addicted. I'll eat any kind of candy I can find around the house to get my fix. I've been begging my kids for their Reese's and Snickers and anything else chocolate that they got at the trunk-or-treat. I'm pathetic.


Betty Grace said...

those others may look better but yours proves your a better mom!

Senia said...

I'm impressed! I'm sure they had a blast!