Saturday, October 25, 2008

Identify That Arachnid!

Warning: The following picture is super disgusting and gross. Unless you like fat spiders with hairy legs. What? You don't see the hairy legs. Just double click on the picture, but don't say I didn't warn you. (Super disgusting and gross!)

I was standing in the kitchen and saw this thing creeping across the patio today. It was struggling to haul it's giant BE-hind and kinda slow. Robert was able to catch it in one of my good canning jars (and I had to use a good lid too, which will have to be burned after this) so the neighborhood boys could gawk at it.

Unless this is a magic spider that grants wishes and eats moles and gophers in one bite, my guess is that this spider will be in "spider heaven" before the day is out. Sorry if that offends any animal lovers out there.

I'm pretty sure this is a regular "garden spider" and that it looks different because it's bottom is about ready to blow. Must be egg laying season.


Erika and Ryan said...

WOW, what IS that nasty thing? I just lost my appetite (that's a good thing...I've been on a binge today...PMS)

I-Shüan Warr said...

Are you sure you didn't make your boys leave it at our house? It's still crawling around in the jar despite the lack of oxygen and I think it's getting BIGGER! Ok, not really, but I'm afraid the force of the explosion when all the babies hatch is going to break the jar so I'm going to have to put it outside and bury the whole jar.

I'll dig up the jar and give it back to you in a few days.

Anna said...

Yesterday Derek and I sprayed all of our window wells because "little" spiders were getting in the basement and the big spiders were peering in quite jealously. Yeah, but we found out instead of just big yucky brown long legged guys, we also have black widows hanging out outside our windows. So sick!!!! Apparently the spray encouraged the spiders to come inside. We caught another huge spider above our bed last night right after our bedtime prayers. Derek has promised we will have the basement professionally sprayed next spring.

Marah said...

You know, it's just that time of year--it's getting colder, and the spiders are all trying to move indoors. When they spin webs near my front door at Halloween, it's funny, but other than that it's disgusting. I don't even like to have fake spider Halloween decorations in my house.

Holtbuster said...

THAT IS DISGUSTING AFTON!!! Is it dead yet? dive us an update! i had a friend who said they sealed up a black widow in a jar and it lived for a year on nothing, not even oxygen! ew! happy halloween!

Afton said...

Shauna, that is CRAZY about the black widow.

Marah, I feel the same way about giant spiders on the house at Halloween. Even the inflatable ones that look like cartoons creep me out a bit.