Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tooth Tunes to the Rescue

I may have been able to predict that when I brought home the $10 Tooth Tunes toothbrush with Smashmouth's "All Star" that Ethan would be happy. I could have guessed that there was a chance Ethan would want to take the toothbrush with him to school and brush after lunch, but I never would have thought I would catch him at 7am, in the bathroom, rocking out in front of the mirror while brushing his teeth.

Ethan lucked out at the dentist's office yesterday because while his teeth were covered in plaque, he didn't have a single cavity! The look in hygienist's eyes, however, when she handed me several handfuls of packets of those little pink tablets told me that Ethan seriously needed to improve his teeth brushing habits.

I considered several different ways I could make the teeth brushing experience more enticing and finally settled on Tooth Tunes. I was lucky that "All Star" was one of the Tooth Tunes options because I'm certain I would not have had the same positive response from Ethan if I'd purchased the High School Musical toothbrush or the "Hakuna Matata" toothbrush.

Ethan's renewed interest teeth brushing will most likely last 2 weeks, just like every other "life changing" program or thing I've tried. But two weeks of intense brushing is better than whatever he's been doing up to this point.


Erika and Ryan said...

I always know I can come to your blog and get a good chuckle! I hate getting my kids to brush, and to get them to floss can be a joke sometimes! That tooth brush sounds cool. I think that could work for my kids.

ps-what do I have to do to become one of your "followers"? I thoroughly enjoy following you each day! Does that sound scary, or what? BLOG STALKER!

Afton said...

I think when you "follow the blog," there is an update on your dashboard when there is a new post. I could be completely wrong though. It's fun to have those pictures up there though.