Saturday, May 17, 2008

While The Cat's Away...

What is different about these two pictures? (Not including the fact that the lawn is in need of a serious mowing and the bushes are slightly over grown)

Today while I attended an all day SCBWI conference, Robert purchased a chainsaw and took out some shrubbery in our yard. He was never fond of the tall thing on the side of our house (a juniper maybe?) and when a wind storm 2 Decembers ago pushed it slightly off kilter, we both agreed that something had to be done.

I kind of liked the bush and thought it added a bit of structure to the front yard. Robert still didn't like it, but tried last summer to straighten it with a piece of rope anchored to the post on our porch. The effect was definitely clothesline-like. I was not happy.

We'd discussed what to do with the bush and brought up the possibility of replacing it with a smaller, similar bush from the backyard, but I didn't think we were "chainsaw" serious.

Robert, by the way, is really, really (like Tim the Tool Man Taylor) pleased with his new chainsaw. It seems that 3o minutes spent dismantling a leaning shrub was not sufficient power tool time for Robert, so he also took out a very tiny, dead shrub in the back yard too. (I think the boys could have taken it out by whacking on it for 15 minutes with their toy light sabers.)

So to finish the title of this post, while the cat's away, the "mouse" will buy power tools and dramatically alter the landscaping.

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Heidi said...

Hahaha.. Way to go. I bet he felt like such a stud while he did it too! :)