Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My computer is slow today. Not just a little slow. Slow like, everyone in the world is using the Internet right now and it's clogging things up. (Yes, as a matter of fact that is the 'technical' term!)

This is how slow it is: I am not even opening all my e-mail because after I click on it, I have a good minute or more before the text actually pops up. (Not your e-mail of course...I open all of your e-mail.) Heaven forbid I might want to reply to an e-mail. Click that little button and I'm looking at another minute before the screen comes up for me to type in my reply.

Then, there are these little hiccups (sorry to keep using all this technical mumbo jumbo) where the computer freezes up for 5-20 seconds. I can't type, I can't click, I can't do anything. It's annoying.

The computer is ominously slow. I just know something is going to happen. And while being forced to purchase a new computer with fancy, schmancy stuff that was invented post-2004, (or maybe even a Mac!) would be swell, we were hoping to use our small wad of cash to landscape the back yard.

In fact, we are kind of committed to landscaping the back yard now. The wheels are in motion, as they say. We've killed the grass to prepare for regrading the slope. We've been approved through the homeowners association. We have bids! (OK, one bid).

You see, even though a shiny new computer would be lovely, I just need this one to hang in there another year. Please!

So, if I don't have a post up tomorrow telling you all about my evening with Stephenie Meyer, with pictures of us becoming best friends, etc, etc, it will be the computer's fault.

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Angela said...

I hope your computer problems are getting better. I would totally be i favor of you just getting a new computer. Don't you have a fund for emergencies like this? I can't wait to hear about Stephenie Meyer. You're such a lucky girl.