Saturday, May 31, 2008


How long has Baskin Robbins' Choclolate Blast™ had coffee in it?

Why is it, when you ask for a Chocolate Blast™ at Baskin Robbins, then after discovering it has coffee in it, a chocolate milkshake, does the Baskin Robbins employee ask if you want chocolate ice cream in it?

What other kind of ice cream would I want in a cold, frothy, mixed chocolate drink?

Isn't it the chocolate ice cream that makes a chocolate milkshake or Chocolate Blast™?


megan said...

I discovered that too last year...and was very disppointed. I also had a long discussion with the Baskin Robbins guy trying to explain that I used to get a Chocolate Blast ALL of the time when I lived in California and it did not have coffee in it. Apparently he didn't believe me but whatever.

Afton said...

I tried to tell my B&R girl the same thing and she looked at me like I'd just come from Jupiter. Then again, she was having to use a little "cheat sheet" to make it, so she'd probably been working there for 3 weeks and also might not have been old enough to remember when Chocolate Blasts were just pure chocolate goodness!