Sunday, May 4, 2008


Who knew that coming to Utah for a funeral would become an exercise in trying to stay healthy.  But, that is exactly what our little trip has turned into.  

Last week the residents of Grandma M's house dealt with a round of the stomach flu.  Anna, Derek and Joshua all were sick, including Grandma and Grandpa M!  Then, Uncle Andy got sick too.  

We arrived yesterday to find that Aunt Paula was sick with the same flu and this morning my mom was sick as well as nephew Calvin!  

I have become a bit obsessive about hand washing and I'm being extra careful to not rub my eyes or nose which are dry, dry, dry!  (Did I mention it's really dry here?)

So far we are staying healthy, but you can bet that I'm ultra aware of every little anomaly to my physical comfort and suspect that everything could be the first signs of an illness.  I hope I can stay well enough for the memorial service and grave dedication tomorrow.


Betty Grace said...

Take airborne every few hours. Always works for me.

Did you get your orange sandals?

Afton said...

I'm not sick yet, but if I'm going to be sick, it should be soon because Angela and Hazel were sick yesterday.

Don't have the orange sandals. I'm starting to consider another color. Probably boring black.