Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Goodbye Larissa

I was all set to blog about the latest Jeopardy super-contestant. She seemed shy and unsure of herself, but she was really smart and gutsy. I was sure Larissa Kelly would be the next Ken Jennings!

But it was not to be. Tonight Larissa lost after a big risk on a daily double in the category "Dutch Royalty." I thought for sure she would know the answer was The Hague and not Amsterdam. Larissa!!!

So, tonight, instead of telling you all to tune in to see Larissa on Jeopardy, I'm writing in mourning. However, she doesn't leave Jeopardy with out making a few records: Larissa was the first woman to win more than 5 consecutive games AND her total winnings were almost a quarter of a million dollars making her the 3rd highest money winner in Jeopardy's history. (She could afford a really nice backyard landscape with that kind of money!)

Tune in for the Tournament of Champions to see Larissa in action again. When the Tournament of Champions is is anyone's guess.

(On second thought, maybe my hope that Larissa would be the next Ken Jennings was not as realistic as I'd thought. This guy seems to have had it all worked out.)


Andy Saunders said...

Word on the street is February of '09; they're planning on taping it at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.

caperrone said...

Well, six games and out. If you bet it all on DD you better know
such EASY answers as Chevalier and Le Havre (Den Hagen, The Hague), which a HISTORY Ph D ought to know... Too bad, LK and all fans.