Friday, May 2, 2008


We are leaving in less than 24 hours for my dear Grandpa M's funeral in Utah.

Am I packed? No.

Are the kids ready to go? Well, possibly, if you pretend that the two giant suitcases they filled with toys and their pillows this morning make them ready to spend the next three days with the neighbor.

As is often the case, when there is something pressing, I am an expert at making minor issues become major time wasters. And with that intro, I present to you...The Sandals I Must Own.

Are these not the greatest sandals you've seen? I love that they are orange. They are perfect and exactly what I have been picturing as my summer sandals 2008.

Are they priced higher than I normally pay for shoes? Of course!

Am I going to let that stand in my way of owning them? Nope.

Are they available in my size in this awesome orange color? Unfortunately, no.

So, since I need to be thoroughly distracted from the task at hand, I've made it my personal mission to locate these sandals (in orange) anywhere else online. The only place that sells them in orange is Zappos but they don't have my size. And you would not beleive how many shoe websites that claim to be something other than Zappos just link you right back to Zappos.

I've found the same style at other places in pink, light blue, tan, brown and black, but I want orange. I must have them! I will have them. Even if I have to travel all the way to the Born factory in... (googling, googling, googling...) Ok, I can't find out where the company HQ is located. It's a mystery that I will probably spend way too much time trying to solve as soon as I can find my new orange sandals.


Betty Grace said...

Oh-- now I want those sandals too. Hope to see you this weekend!

Mandy said...

you are too funny!! good luck on your distraction tour of orange sandals, they do look comfy...

melziemom04 said...

Your kids sound like my kids! My daughter has a small rolling suitcase that she wants to take everywhere with her full of all sorts of "must haves." Those sandals look very comfy! I hope you're able to find the way, you probably already know this by now, but their headquarters is in Henderson, NV and they even have an outlet store in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is only a few hours drive from Utah. Maybe you can tack it on to your trip!

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