Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jerk Store!

Ugh! I finally realized what I should have said to Stephenie Meyer when she told me I had a cool name.

I should have said, "I was named after the 1960 BYU Homecoming Queen."

Then there would have been the BYU connection and we would be just one step closer to best friend status.

The only thing to do now is to travel thousands of miles to the next book signing, try and obtain a ticket to the sold out event, stand in line for a few hours, get in, stand in front of her again and hope she says the same exact thing about my name.


Catherine said...

I didn't know that's where your name came from.

It didn't occur to me for a very long time that Afton was an unusual name at all.

Heidi P said...

You got her autograph? Awesome. That counts for best friends. Like how Betsy is best friends with Jewel because of that guy on your mission.

Totally counts.

Stephanie F. said...

LMBO... Jerk Store!!! You rock :)

Heather said...

HA!! That is hilarious. "Well, the ocean called..."

EFL0ve said...

Afton i am telling you that your name is cool!
and now there is that BFS connection