Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What's in a Name?

I shipped off a package of kid clothes to Angela this morning at my UPS Store. I've shipped with this particular UPS store before and the employees are friendly and helpful. The owners of the store are often on hand to assist with my needs as well.

The owners are the Shippeys. Yes, that's right, the Mr. and Mrs. Shippey own the UPS Store.

Every time I go in to ship a package, all I can concentrate on is every little funny thing I could possibly say about the Shippey's owning a shipping store. I can barely hear what they are saying to me. (What? Next day air? OK)

I'm guessing that the Shippeys have probably already heard all the name related jokes in existence and they are probably sick of them, but this doesn't stop my mind of reeling over the irony.

It's like if Mr. and Mrs. Scoopy owned a Baskin Robbins or Mr. Drivey worked at a car dealership.

The urge to say something is almost overwhelming, but I just can't come up with something clever enough, and even then, I really, REALLY doubt I'd have the guts to say it.

It kind of reminds me of this episode of Friends where Chandler has a job interview.... (OK, it's a stretch, but it's a mind racing, lack of focus thing.)


Betty Grace said...

My brother's 1st grade teacher was Mrs. Crook, her husband was a cop.

Stephanie F. said...

There is a guy in my sister's ward (not Betsy) who is an electrician. His last name is Sparks :)

Catherine said...

I read that people named Dennis are more likely to become dentists. People with the last name English are English professors. There's a BYU English prof named Bill Shakespeare. That guy didn't have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Saw your post. I own a UPS Store and yesterday a customer came in by the last name of Stamp. I kid you not. I asked them if they wanted the 1-cent makeup Stamp, Mrs. Stamp or did you want the new Frank Sinatra stamp, Mrs. Stamp. We also make self-inking stamps, Mrs. Stamp. Then I tried to get her to apply for a job because we were having so much fun with it.

Afton said...

I don't know if my neighbor I-Shuan will make a comment about this, but her son used to see a nutritionist (am I getting the story right?) and her name was Dr. Radish.

I had a doctor once named Dr. Paine. If I wanted to be a doctor and my last name was any spelling of the word "pain," I'd have it legally changed.

Heather said...

Haha! I totally know that scene from Friends (and I didn't have to watch it to know.) ;) That is funny about the UPS store--your comments also remind me of something Michael would do (sitting there trying desperately to think of puns...i.e. last night's episode!) Although he would just come right out & say it--nice restraint!