Friday, May 16, 2008

Mmmm, Tomatoes

Because we had the first 80+ degree day since last year, September 11th, and because a few more warm days were predicted, I thought it would be a great time to plant some tomatoes.

Fred Meyer had 4 inch pots of tomatoes on sale for just over a dollar each. I had already planned to get 6 plants even though the last time I got 6 tomato plants my September kitchen ended up looking like this:

I got so burned out on canning that I couldn't even can apples or pears or anything else that year.

But I'm low on canned tomatoes, out of home made canned salsa and I think I just used my last tomato sauce last night, so it's time for six tomato plants again. I'm really excited about the varieties.

Siletz - a medium early, medium sized tomato (oooh! Exciting!)

Brandywine - 1885 heirloom Amish variety with large, rose-pink fruits

Sweet Million - a cherry tomato with good flavor

Sun Gold - very sweet fruit has a tropical taste and is used for salads and snacks

Beefmaster - a Beefsteak type

Health Kick - small fruit contain large amounts of antioxidant lycopene

Today I'm excited about the tomatoes, the first, mouthwatering bite, the first batch of salsa fresca, the sandwiches and salads. However, check back with me in September and I might be wishing I'd bought four tomato plants instead of six.


Betty Grace said...

Dang. I wished I lived by you so I could mooch off of your garden!

Angela said...

I'm glad you're getting your tomatoes in the ground already! My plants are getting really big, but hopefully not as big as last year. Andrew has been banned from the garden this year. No more flower picking for him! These hot days seem to fuel the tomato growth incredibly. Enjoy your tomatoes!

Marah said...

What do you do with your cherry tomatoes besides snacking or salads? This must mean it is time for ME to plant tomatoes!!!

Afton said...

If we don't eat the cherry tomatoes we give them to neighbors, or maybe bookclub friends! I don't always plant cherry tomatoes because they tend to be prolific and we can't keep up. Also, not all the kids appreciate the novelty of eating tomatoes right off the plant like they should. Last year our cherry tomato plant had some kind of fungus and didn't produce very well. This year, I've discovered that those lovely "sun gold" variety tomatoes are also cherries, which I'm not too thrilled about because now we will have 2 cherry plants.

Heather said...

Yummmm...sounds so good! We are just doing a cherry tomato plant this year because we decided to wait on the garden (don't want to go too nuts in these first few months.) However, I'm a little jealous after reading this post! ;)