Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Black Queen on Black King

Now that I’m trying to write a 50,000 word novel, the game Spider Solitaire has become much more interesting to me. Before I tried to discipline myself to write a certain number of words everyday, Spider Solitaire ranked about a 1 or .5 on a scale of importance. Now that I’m writing a novel, Spider Solitaire’s ranking has jumped up to around 8 (on a scale from 1-10).

Why is this? Could it be that organizing the cards into neat little groups gives me comfort when I can’t organize my thoughts? Or, am I just lazy?

Meanwhile, Ethan is in his room “working” on a 5 paragraph essay which is due in 2 days. However, I can hear the familiar sounds of his favorite game “Bulls-Eye Balls” and I know it’s impossible to play that game and write at the same time. Maybe he and I should have a little writing party.


Catherine said...

Oh yeah, me too except it's freecell and checking everyone's blogs every ten seconds and painting my bathroom and taking lots of pictures and uploading them. And posting long comments.

And also, I've started scheming about potty training Rusty. Writing a Nano novel makes me all motivated to do lots of crazy stuff besides write.

Catherine said...

You can always write spider solitair into a scene if you have to.

Afton said...

Hmmm, freecell you say? I'll have to check it out. I could probably get an extra 500 words easy if I wrote about spider solitaire.