Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday Bail Out

For the last few years I've abandoned sleep and braved the crowds to get in on all the fabulous Black Friday deals. This year I planned to do the same. However, this 50,000 word novel is taking up a bit of my time and I didn't do the freakishly detailed planning I've done in years past.

In the past, I've subscribed to a Black Friday website that sends out lists of store sales as soon as they become available. Some of these sale notices are available around the end of October so you have at least 3 good weeks to plan your Black Friday strategy.

Additionally, I subscribed to e-mail updates from my favorite stores, like Bath and Body Works and Eddie Bauer to get last minute special deals and additional coupons and e-mail love notes.

This year I did none of that. The extent of my planning was to purchase a newspaper Thanksgiving morning with the plan to browse all the store flyers on the way to Olympia for Thanksgiving at Aunt Paula's house. Unfortunately, the newspaper I purchased did not have flyers for the stores I was interested in shopping. There was no Fred Meyer, no Toys R Us, and no Kohl's. The newspaper did contain a Target flyer, but there was not one thing in it to tempt me.

Later in the evening, I was able to see what was on sale at my favorite stores, but there wasn't anything worth getting out of bed for. So I didn't.

I did shop later in the day and was able to get a few very important Christmas items. But that is all I will say about that.


The Mann Family said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one! This was the first year that I didn't make it out too. I love shopping from home in my slippers. I did go out this afternoon to Toys that Teach for a few gifts, 20 % off everything... not bad!

Catherine said...

I tried to avoid stores altogether but ended up having to go out for smores fixings and diapers. I'm dreading Christmas shopping this year.

claire said...

How early do you usually get up and what kind of deals are we talking about? Is it really worth your while?

Afton said...

The last few years I've gotten up around 4:30 and been at my first store around 5am. I've always gone with friends. I don't know if I would attempt this kind of lunacy alone.

There have been good deals on specific things I wanted and I've saved a lot of money. But this year, there was nothing I found to be worth getting up early for. There were several on line deals I took advantage of, but I could do that after a good night's sleep.