Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Specs

Take a look at my new glasses. They’re kind of trendy, so I imagine I’ll be out of style with in six months, but until then, I’ll enjoy looking like a hip mom. Jonah was worried that I’d look like a jerk in my new glasses. When I asked him what “jerk” meant, he said he had no idea. (I guess that makes me feel a little better.)

So I was especially curious to get Jonah’s reaction when he came home from school today. He looked at me for a few seconds and just said, “good.” Ethan wanted to know why I didn’t get red frames. Isaac said he liked them, but wanted me to put the old ones on again.

I do feel like these glasses give me some kind of super writing power. Kind of like how Clark Kent took his glasses off and became Superman; I put these glasses on and become Super Writer. I’m not kidding. After I got home from picking them up, I wrote 1,000 words in like 10 minutes. (or something like that.)

*Update* Robert could not come up with a comment on the glasses when he got home because of his inability to lie. I gave him several ideas of things to say, but he couldn't bring himself to say any of them. (i.e. Wow, those are stylish glasses, those glasses have black rims, hey look, new glasses!) So, I gave him 30 minutes to figure out what his repsonse to the glasses would be and he finally came up with "they're growing on me" and "they kind of look like that lady from 30 Rock (nice try, but no they don't.)


Catherine said...

They are awesome! I like them a lot. I like them enough for me and Robert combined. And I'm happy to hear they have superpowers.

I have some nanopants that are really soft that I like.

megan said...

I love them! If I ever need glasses, those would definately be the one's I would get.

claire said...

I love your glasses. That photo would be perfect for the back jacket of your novel.

Gwen said...

I like them too. Very literary looking. Go Super Trendy Mom!