Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back In the Pumpkin Saddle

Some of you may know that I had a pumpkin pie disaster a couple months ago. Without going into too much humiliating detail let me summarize: There was a party, pumpkin pie was requested, I offered to bring it (Yes! Of course I can make a pumpkin pie!), the offered pie was not so much pie, but more like pumpkin pudding in a crust.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been hesitant to use my pie plates again. In fact, I think they stayed in the back of my car for 3 weeks after the pumpkin pie disaster.

So, tonight I gave it another shot. Following the same recipe, I made another pumpkin pie. It turned out great and it was delicious. I probably wouldn’t even mention it, but Robert insisted on taking a picture of the pie for my blog. So, after he worked with the pie for several different poses, I felt a little obligated to blog about the pie.

p.s. Those of you with whom I will be sharing Thanksgiving dinner will be happy to know of my pumpkin pie success as that is my food assignment. See you then!


Catherine said...

We have food assignments already? I wonder what mine is.

The pie looks good. Three more weeks!

Angela Hunter said...

I love pumpkin pie! I thought you said that your kids didn't like it. So, if that's still the case, did you and Robert eat all that pie on your own? Holy tummy ache!

Afton said...

Jonah and Robert literally ate half of it. The pie you see in the picture is after I had my one little slice.

Senia said...

I knew you would rebound! Over Christmas I'll make sure you have a heavy-duty food assignment, no salad greens for you! ;-)

Afton said...

I love you Senia!