Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In the Mailbox

The toy catalogs continue to fill the mailbox. Most are actually really cool. For some reason I got on a mailing list for educational toys, so I get catalogs like Constructive Playthings and MindWare. But today I got MetKids from the Metropolitan Muesum of Art.

I was immediately taken back to my days as a New Yorker; those money scraping, no air conditioning, work for free, days as a BYU intern when I could get Broadway musical tickets for $20. (I didn’t know how good I had it!) The Metropolitan Museum of Art was free, and therefore, a place I went often.

The museum store was awesome and I wandered up and down the store aisles imagining the day I would be able to actually afford to buy something from it. That day finally came when I purchased a beautiful address book with artwork by Wiener Werkst├Ątte for $7.95 which I still treasure today, masking-tape covered spine and all.

Angela, there is a book and CD of Peter and the Wolf for $19.95 that you might be interested in. Claire, maybe Preston would like “What Can You Do with a Paper Bag?” A book that has instructions for making hats, wigs, masks, crowns and helmets using a paper bag. I noticed a picture of a King Tut head dress on the cover that would have fit in perfectly with Preston’s Egypt studies. (Not to mention the “make your own Egyptian Mummy kit!)

Anyway, I spotted this art kit and this one and was excited because my novel’s main character receives something similar to this and I didn’t feel like I described it very well, so I’m going to clip out the picture from the catalog and put it in my notebook for when I start the re-write.

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claire said...

That sounds so cool and good suggestions for everyone's kids. I am going to check it out today.