Monday, November 12, 2007

Dinner Comments

It's not too often I make a full-on dinner with all the sides. Tonight was one of those nights. I made Parmesan chicken, broccoli, a green salad (which got RAVE reviews when I made it for bunco last Friday), sliced apples and pears and french bread. Oh, we also had ice cream for dessert.

Here are some of the actual comments I got during dinner time:

I hate this.

Do I have to eat all of this?

I don't want this plate, give me another plate.

My feet don't work and I can't come to the dinner table, someone carry me.

Ouch! I bit a chunk out of my tongue, do you want to see it?

My stomach hurts.

I can't lift my arm to eat any more.

Someone put the broccoli in my mouth, I can't do it.

Did I eat enough for dessert?

I couldn't finish my chicken because the marinara sauce reminds me of my tongue wound.

I said get me more milk! Where's my milk?

You gave me too much ice cream!

I would try and teach my group of ingrates a thing or two by giving them cold cereal every night for the rest of the week but I have a feeling they'd actually like it.


claire said...

When I told Gary I was pregnant he said he would support me by eating dinner out every night.

Catherine said...

Oh man, is this ever familiar. Except for the biting off a chunk of tongue. That one is new. Fortunately, Bruce gets that it's bad to hurt people's feelings so he'll say "I don't really want the sauce but I guess I'll eat it anyway."

Angela Hunter said...

This is hilarious! Sorry to hear of your woes at the dinner table. Calvin usually says, "I'll just wait until everyone is done." That's the signal that the meal is unacceptable.