Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Christmas Myths Dispelled

Myth #1 Stuffed Animals Need Stockings
Today I had to explain to Jonah that stuffed animals did not celebrate Christmas. Nevertheless, Jonah has put up a stocking for his stuffed dog Patrick. I suppose this is a special Christmas for Patrick. Jonah has requested as one of his Christmas gifts, a wife for Patrick.

Myth #2 Hamster Leashes Make Great Christmas Gifts
Ethan has ignored my previous instruction about who in the family is eligible for Christmas presents and has requested a hamster leash for Jacob so he can take him for walks. I have serious doubts that such a product even exists. Ethan claims a girl in his class has one for her hamster. I don't even want to dignify the seed of curiosity this has planted within me with an Internet search, but we all know I'll Google it as soon as I'm done with this post.

Myth #3 It is Christmas Tomorrow
My Christmas wish is that Jonah and Isaac will stop asking if tomorrow is Christmas. It's not. It's not even December. They've actually been asking me this nightly question since before Thanksgiving. Serenity now!

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