Monday, January 3, 2011

One Mom's Tip: School Lunches

Here's my favorite time saving tip for making school lunches:

I make multiple sandwiches at once and store them in the freezer. I have 3 kids so I make 2 loaves worth of sandwiches at a time. I spread a little PB on each slice of bread.

Then drop a little blob of jam on every other slice.

Put the sandwiches together and cut off the crusts with a sandwich cutter. This is the Cut n Seal from Pampered Chef but you may be able to find something similar from other retailers.

Save the crusts to feed to the ducks until you find out that bread crusts are actually bad for the ducks, then make them into bread crumbs or stuffing, or croutons. or just throw them in the trash and try not to think of the starving children in Africa.

Put your sandwiches in little plastic bags and place them on a cookie sheet to freeze so they will keep their shape. Once the sandwiches are frozen you can store them in a big zip lock bag in the freezer. Every morning, simply grab sandwiches from your stash to put your kid's lunches together. By lunchtime, the sandwiches will be defrosted and ready for eating.

I also use this bag-and-freeze technique for cookies or muffins for a fabulous school-lunch-making time saver.


Chelsea said...

love this tip!! Thanks for posting!

Angela Hunter said...

I told mom I did this and she thought I was crazy! Then I told her I learned this trick from you and it was all good. You're a time saving genius!

Allyson said...

I used to do this too but my kids are in a "peanut allergy" class. No peanuts allowed. Boo! I tried tuna fish but it doesn't freeze or thaw well.

Helmet said...

I love the idea other than the fact of wasting all the crusts. But it seems like a great way to save on school lunches, as well as being prepared and always having something, rather than making it fresh every morning.