Thursday, January 13, 2011

In Which I Become Susan Heffley

Last night as I stood at Walgreens, looking for a day planner for the son who lost his when he lost his entire backpack, I was surprised at the lame selection. It's January after all. The beginning of the year. Shouldn't there be all kinds of planners to choose from? Evidently not.

The very best one I found was this one:

And I couldn't help feel a bit like Susan Heffley, Greg's mom in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie and books. It just sounded like something she would do. I knew that Ethan would never use a "Mom's Busy Year" planner, but I also knew I could fix it so he'd never know what it really was. The planner had several sheets of cute stickers to use for things like appointments, sports practice, birthdays and holidays.

But this sticker had to go. There were twelve of them. I just stuck them in random places on the big family calendar I keep on the fridge. Maybe someone will get the hint.

I then removed any evidence of the word "Mom."

Finally, I covered it with this super awesome boy paper, front and back. I used spray glue, which I love but which always makes a big mess. At least I know the cover will not come off by accident during math class. Can you imagine if Patty Ferrell saw the "Mom" cover? She would make Ethan's life miserable.

No one, including Ethan, will every find out.

Unless they read this blog.

*Update - Guess who just called from middle school to say he found his backpack? 


Emily Laing said...

Way to repurpose Afton!!

a said...

How did you account for the spiral?
Still waiting to be adopted by you.

Chelsea said...

Afton, I feel your pain. I have a family member who loses everything, forgets to turn in homework he spent hours the night before (or morning of b/c he forgot the night before) doing. Painful and exhausting. Glad he found his backpack though!!

Angela Hunter said...

this is awesome!!!! Love it!

I-Shüan Warr said...

Genius! I want to just follow him around to see if he ever even suspects anything about the calendar! His friends will be asking where he got it!

Good for him for finding his backpack! Was his lunch still in it? That'll save you from having to make one on Tuesday.