Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Jell-o Project: A Present From Tokyo

You know who I really miss? My friend Debbie who moved to Singapore like 2 and a half years ago. And the bummer is Singapore totally suits her and her husband, who have spent their time very wisely, traveling to some of the most amazing and beautiful spots on the planet. So she is going to be in Asia a while longer. Being awesome and letting me live vicariously through her.

It's easier to live vicariously, though, if one's blog is updated more regularly, hint, hint.

Anyway, Debbie came to visit me today, which I totally appreciated since I'm sure she has many people to visit while she is here. And she came to my house, even though I would have driven to see her somewhere. But I won't lie, it was nice to be able to have her come to me. And she brought me a present! These beautiful Jell-o molds. I love them.

I'd been commenting to someone earlier that I think I took more pictures of Jell-o in 2010 than I did of my own children. Don't accuse me of exaggeration because that would force me to count, and then I'd realize it was true, and have all kinds of guilt issues.

But I don't feel guilty now. I want to start looking for the perfect Jell-o to make in these molds. I know I'll love taking pictures of Jell-o from these molds!

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I-Shüan Warr said...

Who knew such cool jell-o molds would come from Japan? Do they even use Jell-o there? (And why does a mold have to be called a "mold"?)
Can't wait to see the next creation!