Monday, January 17, 2011

One Mom's Tip: Podcasts

Cleaning the house can be boring. Music helps, but often it becomes only background and you are left alone with your thoughts and a toilet brush. Which isn't always a bad thing. I'm just saying, sometimes it's nice to be able to switch focus to something interesting to take one's mind off mundane or disgusting tasks.

I use podcasts.

I used to listen to podcasts when I exercised and it made me actually look forward to my four mile daily power walk because I could listen to something interesting, different and sometimes funny every day. I've started running now and one pod cast recently took my mind off my circular run for over half a mile.

My podcast of choice for cleaning day is How Stuff Works. It's free from iTunes, as are all the other podcasts I listen to through NPR. How Stuff Works is a 15-30 minute show about how different things work. Things like dreadlocks, cremation, the Life Straw, homelessness, octopi, the MARS turbine, being a knight and much, much, MUCH more.

Tonight while I dusted I learned how moonshine is made and that today's NASCAR is a direct result of bootleggers running moonshine in their souped up cars and then deciding to see who's was fastest. I bet you didn't know that.

While I folded laundry I learned about credit default swaps (a little thick, but still interesting).

While I cleaned out the tub I learned about where the superstition about Friday the 13th came from.

I spent maybe 2 hours cleaning, but it was actually enjoyable because of my podcasts.

So if you need to do some housecleaning but dread the drudgery, download a few podcasts onto your iPod and start listening.

Other podcasts I enjoy are NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, This American Life, and the CBC's The Vinyl Cafe.

Do you have a favorite podcast?


Anna said...

I would like to know how homelessness works, because each time I think about what I would do if I were homeless, my first course of action would always be on getting out of it.

Betty Grace said...

You already know my favs- The Moth, Planet Money, The Ethicist to name a few

I-Shüan Warr said...

I like the Ethicist also. I also listen to Mormon Stories. I do love the Vinyl Cafe (thanks Afton!) and Stuff You Should Know. I also like the other ones they do: Brain Stuff, Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Stuff You Missed in History Class (sometimes).
There's a podcast called "This I Believe" that is usually inspiring and interesting. That one's not a good one to listen to if you'll have a hard time exercising or doing what you're doing while crying though.

Afton said...

Yes, it's fun to run around the indoor track while alternately laughing out loud or starting to tear up. I no longer care what people think of me. Although I do like the laughing out loud or answering the questions on Wait, Wait more than crying.