Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Before I Get a Haircut...

Tomorrow I'm getting a hair cut. Nothing drastic, just a trim. Still, it's a treat. I love getting my hair cut and styled. Even though the style is never really exactly what I myself would do. With my fine hair, there are really only two styles I could have anyway: flat and flatter. Guess which one I usually get.

It's just nice to have someone fuss over me every once in a while. 

Before I go to get my hair cut, I will do all of the following:

Wash and style my hair - if you show up to the salon looking gross, the stylist might assume this is the look you are going for. She may not put as much effort into your cut and style because clearly you don't care about your appearance, so why should she? Also, by washing and styling my hair I can demonstrate my look and point out what I want different and what I want the same.

Apply make-up - This may be a no-brainer for many women who don't leave the house without it, but not me. I wear make-up one day a week. Sometimes two. I realize that as the years pass, I'm less able to get away with the natural look, but I'm just too lazy to care. But on hair cutting day, I want to walk out of the salon with the total look: hair AND makeup. If my hair is going to be great, I might as well have eyes that pop and eyebrows that don't disappear half-way across my brow line.

Wear cute clothes - Why stop at great hair and make-up?

Think of somewhere fun to go - Hey, it's not every day I've got the beauty trifecta working for me: hair, clothes and make- up. Why not take advantage of it by heading over to the mall. Well, the mall is kind of far away. How about Target? I can walk the aisles passing silent judgement on people who look like they came to Target straight from their workout. 

Surely I can't be the only one who does this.


Emily Laing said...

Oh...you have such great ideas! I hate fine hair and I am fully prepared to ask for everyone that has fallen out when I meet God.

Erika said...

We are so much the same, except I don't do my hair before I go-I leave it down and wet or throw it in a ponytail. I'm a no make-up-er for the majority of the week just like you and I always put makeup on before I get my hair done too! I also wear something cute. And I also go shopping afterwards or try to get my hair done on a Friday so I can go out that night looking decent! Gotta get the most out of it! Have fun!

claire said...

Hey, I thought the people who were just at the gym were the ones passing judgment!