Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Have Carrots

Our rainbow carrots worked! I only had to do two plantings and it took about twice as long as the packet said it would, but he watered and waited and now we have carrots. I didn't find any red or purple carrots, but we got plenty of yellow and white and a few orange.

The one white carrot I tried was bitter and disgusting. The orange and yellow carrots were delicious.


Emily said...

I am so jealous. We did carrots in Utah. I ended up wintering them over and pulling them out the next year. I have huge heads of romaine and red leaf lettuce and some blueberries that are ready to be picked but I miss my early season crops.

Debbie said...

mmmm...i've only done orange carrots! I wonder if the white ones are like parsnips...maybe oven roasted they'd be sweet?