Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thoughts on Cleaning the Bathroom and Kitchen

If you ever find yourself looking to purchase a new home and you find a home you think you might want to buy, if that home has white tile counter tops with white grout in the kitchen and bathrooms, turn and walk away.

Do not try and convince yourself that the tile will be easier to clean than it looks. If the tile grout you are looking at is currently white, it was either put in 2 days ago or was scoured for 3 and a half days with a toothbrush and several bottles of "Soft Scrub."

Do not lie to yourself and say that you will install fashionable granite counter tops and redo the whole kitchen. Just buy the house with the kitchen you want in the first place. Trust me on this one!


Stephanie F. said...

Aww! Just have to send you some pity. I'm looking forward to cleaning the house we just bought. It was previously lived in by renters and then was foreclosed. No one cleaned it. The renters had two dogs. Yay :)

megan said...

AGREED! I can't stand tile and grout. Our shower is the WORST! I can't even talk about it...it makes me too stressed. I feel your pain.

Emily said...

I just left a house with white tile and grout. What were they thinking? The grout should have been at least black or a nice shade of spagetti sauce red. Now I have stainless steel. It's utilitarian but man is it a breeze to clean!