Friday, July 18, 2008

Ten Seconds to Launch

As part of the requirements for his Webelo Scout badge, Ethan built this model rocket. There was model glue involved and lots of patience, but I was impressed that Ethan made the rocket all by himself. Even the Scout manual suggested he make it with "an adult's help."

Last night he, Robert and Jonah went to a nearby field to launch the rocket and after a few failed attempts, the rocket launched, soared so high it was practically out of view, and returned to earth. The good news is the rocket was recovered. Jonah was the hero, locating one of the 3 tail fins, which had detached, under a clump of grass. (In Jonah's mind, his presence guaranteed the success of the mission).

Ethan has a couple tubes of rocket fuel left, so there will probably be a few more launches before the summer is out.

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