Monday, July 28, 2008

Seaside: The Good and Bad

Good: We had a great time in Seaside, Oregon this last weekend. Seaside may not be the most glamorous place on the Oregon Coast, but all the kitschy attractions are perfect for our no-frills family.

Bad: It was cloudy for most of our visit.

Good: It didn't rain! At least while we were outside. Very much.

Bad: The ocean water was freezing.

Good: 80% of the people in our family didn't mind one bit! I suppose once you got numb, the water didn't seem too bad. Ethan and Robert practiced their skim boarding and Jonah and Isaac jumped the waves.

Bad: The boys found it difficult to look at the camera or refrain from making a funny face for most of the pictures I snapped.
Good: I've stopped caring and will get my revenge when I show my stash of "bad" pictures to my boy's future girlfriends. I can't wait.

Bad: The price of a generous Tillamook ice cream cone at "The Candyman" has risen in price from 75 cents to $1.
Good: $1 is still a fabulous deal. And you can get a kid cone for 75 cents if you can't part with an extra quarter.

Bad: The boys went through almost all the clothes I brought for them in the first 5 hours of our vacation.

Good: They didn't mind wearing dirty clothes.
Bad: The sun broke through the clouds just as we were pulling out of Seaside.
Good: We knew we'd be back soon on a sunny day.
Bad: The car encountered problems about 30 miles from home and our 90 minute drive turned into a 90 minute drive with a 4 hour wait. (photo NOT available)
Excellent: Brother-in-law to the rescue! Dale brought us 3 new belts AND is smart enough to have tools in his car. He and Robert got their hands greasy and got us safely on our way.


melziemom04 said...

Glad you were able to get beyond your car troubles and still enjoy your vacation. I used to love going out to Seaside when I lived up there....and I think I miss Tillamook ice cream (and cheese,'s a FORTUNE for an 8 oz block here) even more!

Senia said...

Just another one to add, off the top of my head...

Good: Frog-eyed salad!
Bad: Hearing Uncle Dale groan for hours about how he ate too much of said salad.