Friday, December 31, 2010

The Twelfth Day of Christmas Break


Today I had a nasty flashback to the Second Day of Christmas Break when my turkey that had been defrosting in the fridge was found defrosted, but sitting in a pool of turkey juice on the bottom shelf.  I'm not sure yet if that was worse than the Martinelli's spill. The turkey juices were more contained and so I didn't have to pull out the drawers of produce or throw out soaked loaves of bread as in the Martinelli's episode. But it was turkey juice. Eww.

I went to the mall to return some jeans, but exchanged them instead. I also did some Bath and Body Works sale shopping.  It was pretty cool and I spent under $10.

We did NOT go to the mountain today.  We will have to save that for another less crowded day.  I'm kind of sad, but kind of not. It would have been fun to play in the snow, but I would have been stressed about getting home in time to make all the food for tonight.

Which brings me to tonight.

We had a couple neighbors come over for appetizers and games. We played Quirkle and Set. The kids popped poppers and shouted Happy New Year at 9pm, along with the folks on the East Coast. Now it's 10pm and I've vacuumed up all the streamers and the kids are kind of sort of in bed.

The wind is blowing outside and it must be in the teens with the wind chill factor. We are warm and cozy and safe in our home. There are more leftovers in the fridge than I know what to do with, a turkey brining in the garage and there's a whole new year ahead.

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