Saturday, December 25, 2010

On The Sixth Day of Christmas Break

Meet Greenie, my new iPod Nano. It has a step counter and a stop watch! I can't wait until the temperature warms up enough for me to get back outside to exercise. In the mean time I plan to put Greenie to use listening to Stuff You Should Know podcasts while I clean house.

This morning was magical. I believe the true magic was that everyone seemed mostly happy with the present situation. Even though I lost one present (ironically the one I'd purchased with the money I didn't have from Great Grandma because I lost the check). I also forgot about another present until mid afternoon, but it has magically turned into a birthday present.

It was also magical because Robert liked the GPS I got for him and decided to keep it!

But the real magic will happen in the next 30 minutes if I am able to successfully feed my family after a messed up day of eating. We had a fabulous, big family meal around 1pm and stuffed our faces with treats around 3pm. Not really lunch, but not really dinner. Now it's 5:30 and everyone is kind of hungry, but kind of not. I want to prepare a dinner about as much as I want to sleep in a snow cave.

We did the cheese and cracker thing last night, so I guess it's going to be soup tonight. Better get right on that--the natives are getting restless.

Merry Christmas!

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