Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Third Day of Christmas Break

This morning all three boys and I had dentist appointments.  My kids love the dentist.  They get cookies and prizes and toothbrushes and floss for their cooperation.  They wish they could go more often than every six months.  They are all still 100% cavity free (knock on wood) which is due more to genes than stellar oral hygiene habits.  Yay genes!

I had a great check up too.  My nearly cavity free mouth is due to genes as well, but I also have pretty good oral hygiene habits.

After the dentist we went to the last place on earth I want to be at this time of year: Toys R Us.

I didn't expect all of us to make it out in once piece, let alone in ten minutes.  But we did.  I repeat, TEN MINUTES in and out of Toys R Us on December 22.  The only downside is Ethan knows what he's getting for his birthday.  I can live with that.

Later, Isaac retrieved the mail from the locked mailbox down the street and left my keys hanging from the lock all afternoon: house, 2 cars, and mailbox keys.  This will provide me with hours of "What If" fun.  Sigh.

Next up on day three's docket: sugar cookies.  I already went to the store once to replenish my supply of butter, but will need to return for more powdered sugar, corn syrup and plastic wrap.  I will definitely make more white chocolate covered pretzels.  They were scrumptious and did not last long enough to make it onto the neighbor goody plates.

Actually, I haven't really done the neighbor goody plates.  But that is only because I ran out of the white chocolate covered pretzels.

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