Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Second Day of Christmas Break

This morning I noticed the bottle of Martinelli's sparkling cider in the fridge was lying on it's side, without a lid, in an amber-colored puddle.  I then noticed that the produce in the drawers beneath it was damp and there was another amber-colored puddle on the floor.

Of course no one was responsible for this mess.  No one had had a drink of sparkling cider.  No one had put the bottle back into the fridge without the lid.  No one shut the door and walked away while sticky liquid dripped down onto the bottom two shelves of the fridge and eventually the kitchen floor.  No one.

No one was there when it was time to clean up.  I wiped up the fridge, cleaned out the produce drawers, replaced the paper towels, wiped the bottoms of the casserole dishes, threw out the ruined loaves of bread and mopped up the floor.  Then I changed the water and mopped the floor again.  Then I sprayed the floor with 409 and wiped it up with paper towels.

It still feels sticky.

I took the Martinelli's over to the sink, certain it was flat and began to pour what little was left in the bottle down the drain.  "What are you doing?" the boys said.  "You're going to waste it!"


Natalie said...

Someone just gave us one of those today. After reading your post, I'm thinking we will open it at dinner tonight and drink it all. Good luck with the sticky-ness.

Anna said...

We got a bottle of martinelli's as a gift. Joshua asked what it was and I told him it was soda that only grown ups could drink. He seemed ok with that, so we promised him he could taste it later. It's kind of nice that he's only three and still believes everything I say.

Afton said...

I used to tell Ethan Dr. Pepper was "mommy root beer."

Allyson said...

I had a similar experience but it was with a can of Eagle Brand condensed milk. At least I can enjoy a cleaner fridge now.