Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Month in Facebook Statuses

First, not sure "statuses" is a word. Second, I didn't realize how much I updated my Facebook status in February. It is entirely possible that I have a problem.

(Statuses (?) start from from February 1 and go through February 28, 2009)


...had so much fun at the Melting Pot last night. sad her grow light isn't working. watching The Office on blogging.

...thought the ER was nothing like they show on Scrubs.

...was just given a time limit by her 4 year old to get off the computer. He wants to play too. owns a pink feather boa. Envy me. not loving "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle." making pork ragu over polenta and thinking of Debbie. tempted to watch Dancing With the Stars after finding out Belinda Carlisle is one of the stars. I wonder if she still has the beat?

...has just about had it with little boys who leave the front door wide open. going to order lemon raspberry cream cheesecake. (Or maybe white chocolate raspberry truffle?) going to give "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" another chance. going to do an Art Literacy presentation on Jennifer Bartlet in her 1st grader's class.

...Looking forward to book group tonight.

...wants a Macbook. And some coconut curry chicken soup. glad for the tom kha recipe, now I just need me a Macbook. going to the Barefoot Sage.

...wonders what the world is coming to. trying to stay motivated. really hoping that "Charmed Thirds" and "Fourth Comings" arrived at my library today.

...loved the creamy asparagus soup she had for lunch and is wondering why it did not return the favor.

...feels a manifesto coming on. uploading photos to a painfully slow Costco website. Painfully...slow.

...was just reminded that U2 is awesome. Did they just say "sexy boots?" pondering bangs. so grateful for Yahoo's best and worst dressed Oscar's list. And to think I came "this" close to buying a mermaid dress.

...loves the rain. OK? There, I said it. I don't miss the sun, I have missed the rain all winter and I love listening to it. Bring it, rain! reading. picking out all the black jelly beans. having an internal struggle. no longer struggling and is off to Trader Joe's for a Thai salad. anticipating a dark and stormy night.


Debbie said...

I LOVE this post! So creative! I'd never think to look back at all my updates for the month :)

Bytheway, I apparently am on FB too much also, because I had already read all of your updates except for 2! So that must mean that I'm on facebook as much, I just don't update my own status! I always look for yours because it's often keep updating regularly please!!! (For my entertainment...)

Emily Laing said...

I love this idea, and I pretty much knew all of them but a sad, but that is what happens when you don't have a tv and I live out in the boonies with no phone and no money to spend! I am pathetic but at least I am staying socially active and my brain wont rot from lack on interaction, albeit on the internet. I get great advice and books to read and it's way cheaper than therapy!

Erika and Ryan said...

Your life is much more interesting than mine! I love seeing what other people are up to. That coconut chicken curry soup sounds wonderful--did you make it or buy it somewhere?

Afton said...

Our grocery store's deli has a delicious coconut curry chicken soup they serve hot, but you never know which day they will have it. And, it's like $4 for a small container. (1 serving). Anyway, I love that soup and am always excited when I see they are serving it.

A friend sent me a recipe for tom kha, which I am guessing is coconut curry chicken soup, but I haven't tried making it yet. Maybe this will be the week.