Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunday Scribblings: Sports

Sadly, this story is 100% true.

I joined the swim team when I was 15 because my friends were doing it, which admittedly, is not always the best reason to do things. As it turned out, my friends, along with almost everyone else on the swim team had been swimming competitively since they were out of diapers. Or so it seemed.

Nothing shined a greater spotlight on the disparity between my skill and the skill of my swim team teammates than when coach asked me to demonstrate the butterfly for her.

We went down to the far corner of the pool, I waded out about 20 yards from the wall and leaped forward into the water. I envisioned every graceful, massive-shouldered Olympic butterfly swimmer since Mark Spitz as I heaved my body up, out of the water with singular leg kicks. I brought my arms up and around and tried to synchronize my stokes so I was up when I was supposed to be up and down when I was supposed to be down.

There was a moment I realized it was taking a long time to span that 20 yards to the wall. Much longer than it should. I felt more like a struggling, drowning butterfly than a graceful, flying butterfly.

I did not give up though. I kept swimming with the mistaken belief that the next series of strokes would be the ones that would finally put my body into butterfly harmony.

I reached the wall, stood and looked up at my coach, breathing hard and waiting for her verdict.

I admit, there was a small part of me that was hoping she’d pronounce me a butterfly prodigy; that she’d praise my unique form as the most innovative sports development since the Fosbury Flop. I could revolutionize the sport of swimming!

“Don’t worry,” she said, turning to walk away, “I won’t ever have you swim fly in a race.”

And that pretty much sums up my athletic ability.


Jeff W Bach said...

I must say, that was painfully funny!

Tumblewords: said...

Dang. I hate when that happens. I'm thinking it was a comment like that which kept me from much that was competitive. Well written!!

Marbel said...

Painfully funny is right. I would never have gotten even that far.

linda may said...

I can't do butterfly either. I can stay afloat for a little while, my fat floats. Nah just joking. At least you had a go.

Debbie said...

Hilarious! Even more funny if it's true! Is it true? ;)

Afton said...

100% True.

Anonymous said...

i have yet to be in a pool!

Merilee said...

Afton, I love your blog! Your writing is amazing and so entertaining. This one pretty much sums up my athletic ability as well.;)

Erika and Ryan said...

Bless your little 15-year-old heart! Ü You're brave for trying. I would never have even considered it. Not much of a swimmer here!

Catherine said...

Awesome! You get a lot of credit for trying.