Friday, February 13, 2009


My last post was a little negative so I thought I'd share a few positives.

About my book complaints, I was referring to "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. While I still have my original gripes, the second half of the book was actually much more encouraging. The chapter on family dinners was especially enjoyable, and Kingsolver's assertion that cooking is a dying art was food for thought.

I was very much intrigued by the chapter which covered cheese making and am actually looking at taking a cheese making class next month in Yamhill.
Look at my lovely little marigolds!

These plants are just putting forth their second or "true" leaves. I'm so excited to see them grow and am already thinking about the different places in the yard where I will plant them.

Finally, I made these frosted sugar cookies today. Even though everyone here at home loves these cookies, they are a bit labor intensive, so I don't make them often. I figured, however, I'd make the effort for my sweetie for Valentine's Day since I know he will truly appreciate it.


Debbie said...

A cookie without chocolate chips for Robert! :) Yipee! You are a good valentine!

I love your "negative" posts! They are so funny! I say never be nervous to share those!

Tip for better and easier sugar cookies: if you roll out the dough on parchment paper, then cut them out and peel off the excess dough you can transfer the paper straight to the cookie sheet. I'm cheap with my parchment paper and I reuse it so I only need two pieces. Doing cookies this way keeps them from getting distorted and allows you to use less flour when rolling out the dough so the cookie has more flavor! Just be sure to cut them out far enough apart so they won't grow together on the cookie sheet.

Sorry for the comment that is almost as long as your post!!! :)

Emily Laing said...

Next week, I am going to get dirty Afton....I promise I will plant some stuff for you! And yes, cooking is a dying art along with eating unprocessed food. After looking at the kids class pictures this year I can tell you with 100% assurity that obesity is rampant in the Elementary Schools. My kids are just normal and I think it's because we eat dinner every night at the table and actually eat real food like vegetables and things that don't come out of a box!

Jeanne said...

I LOVE making cheese. I recommend the book "Cheesemaking made easy" (I think) by Ricki Carroll. Her website sells kits, and great instructions etc. FANTASTIC fun!

Tara said...

Love to see your starts with their second round of leaves. I am still planning to start mine...oh, maybe next week.