Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Scribblings: Lost

I got on the “Lost” fan boat during the first season. I watched it faithfully, turned away visitors if they wanted to come when it was on, called my friends during the commercials to ask, “can you believe it?” and dreamed about the show at night.

The next day I would check “Lost” message boards, form theories and e-mail all the people I didn’t call during the commercial breaks.

Season after season I watched “Lost” and tried to piece together clues. I scrutinized screen shots and browsed Oceanic’s fake website.

One year “Lost” didn’t come on in September. I had to wait until February. But there would be no repeats, no skipped weeks. It would be OK.

I hung on the proverbial cliff for 8 months once again and watched in February for yet another season. There had been a writer’s strike which meant fewer episodes and skipped weeks.

I began to feel that “Lost” was asking too much. I was giving, giving, giving and “Lost” was only taking.

The final blow to my relationship with “Lost” came this January, a month before the 5th season started. Our family switched from Dish TV service to the free “rabbit ear” television service. Without a DVR, TV just seemed like too much work.

I told “Lost” I would probably check it out on the web. At my leisure. But the first episode was 2 hours long.

2 hours.

That seemed like a big commitment to make, sitting in the uncomfortable office chair in front of my computer. Watching a show. I had other things I could be doing with that time.

I just wasn’t that into “Lost” any more. I didn’t want my time to be lost to “Lost.”

Letting go of “Lost” has been liberating, really. Even though I’ve been told by my old “Lost” friends that if I don’t tune into “Lost” soon, they won’t know what to do with me. “It will blow your mind” they say. “You have to watch.”

I know “Lost” will always be there for me if I decide to come back. If not at, then at Blockbuster or Netflix. We’ll just have to see.


Tumblewords: said...

I've never watched. But I do understand how some programs demand that you not miss a minute, regardless. Then suddenly, they're not available and withdrawal hurts a bit. Good post!!

Debbie said...

Sigh...I'm sad your lost to lost. However, we haven't been loving this season as much yet...we're still watching faithfully...but we're not obsessed like we once were either...

2cats said...

I was the same way. My time was lost to Lost. But like you, I can't wait until mid season to be reunited with all of the Lost souls. My life is freer now somehow, and I to know that there is always DVD's.

Erika and Ryan said...

I felt the same way about Dancing With the Stars. I've watched every season since it started, but last season I just thought "I've had enough". Too much of a commitment with American Idol on at the same time, and I prefer American Idol. There's just not enough time in the day/night to be sitting watching tv all the time. Why does there have to be so many good reality shows though? I get rid of one and then I click through the channels during commercial break and find another one to take its place! I think I'm getting hooked on Big Loser, but it's on the same time as A.I. so I only watch it during commercials. It's a tough decision to "withdraw" but I guess it's all about prioritizing.

Angela and Kevin Taylor said...

I can't believe you aren't watching it anymore! It's the best show! You must Netflix it this summer, no excuses. I will check up on you!